Sunday, April 12, 2015


As far as the book's editing process goes... well, it's going, but I'm determined to have the umpteenth draft in a satisfactory state before heading to the "Deep Revision" writing workshop in June.  Fingers crossed!

One optimistic point is this:  I think I might have a new title for the novel-in-progress.  LINES—
As this is Poetry Month, I worked a poem to highlight some of the lines that are addressed in the story.  (I guess this could be called a poem-in-progress!)

We’re holding still our thoughts on faith,
and biting tongues for chief estates,
denying selves of destined mates—
Will these straight lines create our fate?

Some drawn, some veiled, but all’s at stake
when those we sever make us ache,
when those we heed suppress our sake—
Which line will stir our souls awake?

Demanding truths to be exposed,
we’ll risk the cuts by men opposed—
Will we then live our passion’s prose?
Without the crossing, no one knows.

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